Summer is here. And so are we!

Summer is here. And so are we!

Mark Doyle |

Over the last several weeks we have had a lot going on to start our season. First, we started it all with our Summer Kickoff Party. Then, we got our instructors all set with training to keep them and our students safe. Finally, we got into the groove of sending out all kinds of lessons.

Our Summer Kickoff Party was hosted at our Hood River Event Site location back on May 27th, 2023. We had music, food, and drinks. Lots of people turned out to check out our school set up and spend some time with their friends. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a complete success!

Then, we sent our instructors out on several days of training to make sure that they were ready for the busy summer ahead. We did a day of Jet Ski Training, so all of our instructors know how to best park and load the jet skis while traveling at safe speeds with clients. We also set up our mooring lines so we have quick and easy jet ski access from the Hood River Event Site for all of our Jet Ski Assisted Lessons. 

After Jet Ski Training, we had our new instructors for the season teach mock lessons to dust off the cobwebs. We also made sure that all of our instructors are on the same page and sharing the same information with our clients. These were super fun and primed our instructors to give the best lesson possible. 

Our first lessons started going out at the end of May. So far, Mary Rose Kissinger, our Head Wing Instructor, has been crushing the Windsurfing Lessons. We’ve also got a few new faces this year for Kiting and Winging. Check them out on our Instructor Bios Page.