Meet Our Team

Sail Schechter

Sail runs the show at Doug’s Watersports as Head Instructor and Manager. He has been kiting for 15 years and teaching for 11. When he’s not teaching for Doug’s, Sail leads annual instructor courses for the International Kiteboarding Organization. He can even be found spearfishing on less windy days.

Fred Hope

Fred is from Lyle, WA. He started in watersports with windsurfing in 2008 and moved to kiting in 2015. Fred foils for RideEngine and Slingshot. Even though he specializes in foiling, lately he has been enjoying twin-tipping.

Adam Withington

Adam is from Cozumel, Mexico, originally, and now lives in La Ventana, Mexico. He’s in Hood River this summer to instruct for Doug’s Watersports and ride for GoFoil. He has been foiling for 10 years and winging for 3 years. Adam is also a proud Rainbow Warrior, with a degree in Business Management from University of Hawaii.

Mary Rose Kissinger

Mary Rose spends summers in Hood River, OR, and winters in La Ventana, Mexico. She has been kiting for 5 years and winging for 2 years. Since she started winging, it’s all she’s wanted to do! She rides for Fone and Manera.

Tory Rudolph

This is Tory’s first summer in Hood River after coming up from La Ventana, Mexico. He was in the military for 8 years before he started kiting and foiling. His favorite place he got to visit with the military was Egypt.

Vetea Boersma

Vetea is from Hood River, OR. He has been kiting for 14 years. Even though he’s off the water this season, he’s developing audio coaching for the next generation of rippers. Vetea’s favorite food is any kind of burrito with extra guacamole.

Cole Rothman

Cole grew up in Hood River, OR. He has been kiting for 8 years with some breaks for travel and school. He also kayaks and fishes. So far, he is the only person to catch a fish at the Doug’s Water Sports location.

Grant Mayo

Grant is from White Salmon, WA. This is his fifth year kiting and he just graduated from the World Class Kiteboard Academy. He is a pro kiter for CORE and Mystic. When he’s not kiting, you might be able to find him on the local mountain bike trails.