Aaron & Caroline

Aaron and Caroline’s first kite lesson. They took a 2 day Fast Track and at the end they mastered the basics and was just getting some very short rides!

Aaron carrying his kite back to the Event Site setup area

Aarron’s kite at the edge of the window

Aaron flying his kite

Caroline flying her kite

Caroline’s kite at the edge of the window

Caroline getting ready to body drag

Brook Lowrie

Brook has kited all over the world. From the Outer Banks, North Carolina to Hood River, Oregon. Her goal was to ride upwind and start working on her transitions. Her first day Brandon and her had very challenging conditions, but on her second day she was riding upwind and working on her transitions.

Brook Lowrie in her element – the Colombia Gorge River

Brooke Lowrie riding to the state of Washington

Brooke Lowrie riding upwind

Brooke Lowrie working on her switch stance

Laura Branfield

Another new future kiteboarder! Laura started her 2 day Fast Track. In her first day, thanks to her dancing backround she learned how to control and handling her kite with ease. She is clearing her schedule for her next lesson.

Laura Brandfield ready to take on the Colombia Gorge