Little man Myles and the 4m

Myles and his family stops by Hood River and decides to kite. The wind this day was very strong, but Myles was able to hold down his 4m Naish Ride. This guy will be kiteboarding soon!

Myles is ready to rock and roll!

Myles has his kite at the edge of the window

Myles gets some body drags

Karen Pentland goes kiteboarding

Karen Pentland returns to New Wind Kiteboarding to continue her kitesurfing lesson. Working on her way towards independence, she is able to waterstart both sides and enjoy short controls rides. Karen even took on the current of the Colombia River. Jet-ski assisted lessons help her build her confidence.

Karen is dialing her board and kite skills

Karen gets a nice ride on her switch side

Karen takes on the Colombia River

Jack goes big!

Welcome to the Gorge Jack. Jack decided to head up to Hood River and go out for a kiteboarding boosting session. That’s all I have to say!! Records were broken this day!

Welcome to the Gorge! All smiles

Jack sends it and pops off the water

Jack gets some air time

Instructor Daniel sprays the camera show some low flips

There is nothing like the feel of a kite loop