Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

2 ½ HOURS $350

  • Wind and kite theory
  • Rigging / kite set-up
  • Proper usage of the safety system
  • Launching and landing
  • Kite flying skills
  • Upwind body dragging
  • Board dragging
  • Self rescue

Introductory lessons focus on the basics! We will walk you step-by-step through the principles of safety, rigging, kite flying and self-rescue. We are happy to take you as far as we can on the first day, but it is important to understand that everyone learns at a different speed. If there is one goal for your first kiteboarding lesson it should be to establish a solid knowledge base, build confidence with the kite, and of course have fun!

  • Everything you’ll need is included in the lesson cost!
  • We ask that you please show up 15 minutes early for your lesson.

Semi-Private Lessons

  • Add one friend for $150 ($250 each, $500 total)
  • Semi-private lessons above use one shared kite

Intro Kiteboarding Lesson Package

Kiteboarding Progression Lesson

2 ½ HOURS $375

  • Advanced kite handling
  • Water starts
  • Propper body positioning
  • Riding upwind
  • Transitioning
  • Advanced riding skills (tricks, strapless surfboard, foiling, etc.)

Water progression lessons focus on riding skills! We go over kite set up and safety systems in every lesson but as you progress, we start to focus more on riding skills. In these lessons you’ll spend the bulk of your time in deep water assisted by a jet ski and two-way Bluetooth communication. Our goal is to get you comfortable on a board while flying the kite. As your skills improve, your rides will get longer and more controlled, and eventually you will be able to go wherever you want and explore the river!

  • Everything you’ll need is included in the lesson cost!
  • We ask that you please show up 15 minutes early for your lesson.

Kiteboarding Progression Package


May 15, 2023 through September 16, 2023

9am – 4pm


7 days a week

Cancelation Policy

We understand that some things are out of your control. Just as the weather is out of ours. 

We strive to maintain clear communication with all clientele regarding the status of their lesson. In the event that the weather is not right for your lesson, we will notify you to reschedule or fully refund your lesson.

If you have to cancel your lesson, we are happy to offer you the chance to reschedule it for a later date. However, we ask that whenever possible you inform us of a cancellation 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy and reserve the right to charge the full cost of your lesson if you do not contact us in advance to cancel or reschedule.

Contact us at least 24 hours in advance to refund or reschedule your lesson!